e-newsletter2Some people continue to claim that with the advent of Social Media, Email Marketing is now dead. Yet 68% of businesses still see Email Marketing as being one of the most effective channels when it comes to delivering ROI.* Email marketing however, is the most effective, inexpensive form of direct marketing.

HTML eNewsletters are an ideal method of communication with prospective clients, members and customers and can contain sales information, company announcements, news updates and industry insights and much more. Regular contact with your clients keeps your business fresh in their minds and coming back for more.

Research has shown businesses that enjoy a relationship with their customers are more likely to succeed. That’s because consumers want to be appreciated, not passed off as another faceless sale. One way you can demonstrate your appreciation is by communicating regularly with your customers.

Emarketing allows you to communicate ‘news’ to your clients, but it also enables you to establish a two-way relationship by acknowledging and thanking your customers for their support. The best part is, it’s relatively cheap and easy. Absolute Edge Media email marketing solutions give you the ability to easily manage your contacts and access statistics, allowing you to monitor the ongoing effectiveness of your email campaigns.

We can build an eNewsletter template designed specifically for your business which you can populate yourself with stories, articles, news items and more or we can design one off electronic direct mail pieces for specific promotions or events.

We’ve worked with many small and large clients to implement successful email marketing campaigns, so why not contact us today to discuss how email marketing can work for your business.

*According to a recent report from eConsultancy, 68% of companies still rank email as the 2nd best channel in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) for their business (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO was ranked number 1). Not only do companies continue to see value in Email but they’re also gaining more revenue from using it to communicate with their clients. On average, companies attribute 23% of their total sales to their email marketing campaigns – up from 18% in 2013.