We offer two different kinds of Facebook Competitions: Third Party Application Competitons & On-Page Competitions

Competitions – Sweepstakes/ Video/ Photo Competitions – Using Software

comp3-sweepstakeOne of our flagship offers of our standard Facebook campaign are sweepstakes competitions and used correctly can help build your engagement and fan growth continuously throughout the year.

Although building fans is not the most important feature of Facebook marketing anymore, it is important for continuing to build your brand awareness and to keep people engaged with your page.

This is also a really good way of increasing your database for your e-news by capturing people’s email addresses as they enter. With so many social platforms other competitions we use are Photo/Video competitions that can tap into other platforms such as Instagram or Vine. Prizes are not included. Includes: Graphic Design & Advertising.

Contact Us about setting up your Sweepstake Competition using our third party software.



On-Page Competitions

On page competition are now a simple easy way to build engagement and interaction on your page. They can also be a very useful tool to garner more likes for your page. Whilst effective at creating engagement, they don’t allow you analytics or to capture people’s information for later use. It is recommended that the prize be of $25-$100 value and run for a week to be successful. Contact Us about setting up your On-Page Competition today!

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